Don’t Get Spied! Purchase Dedicated Private Proxies

Different proxies are available on the market. One of which is the private proxy. These proxies are then classified into two namely: dedicated private proxies and semi dedicated private proxies.  Although these two have similar purpose, that is to provide anonymity and security to the user, they differ in some aspects.

Dedicated private proxies are those that are not shared and as the name depicts are dedicated for its buyer only. They serve only one master. They are list of proxies given to a particular person at a time. Therefore it cannot be accessed by anyone other than its owner.  Since dedicated private proxies are unshared they cost more than the semi- dedicated proxies.

Although they come at a higher price, dedicated private proxies provide additional features to the owner.  Well aside from total anonymity, some of which are reliability, high speed, wide range coverage, no restrictions, easy configuration and 24/7 customer support.

Companies purchased dedicated private proxies to masked IP address and other personal vital information at risk every time they access the internet. They keep hackers away, thus enhancing privacy and security.

In addition, since there is no congestion from other users, dedicated private proxies offers a very high speed without compromising the security and privacy of the user. Basically they secure proxy access free of security. Because of its reliability, it saves time from searching and filtering dead proxies, thus allowing you to work effectively.

Wide range coverage allows the user to connect to the web and access any site without any restrictions. Using cost effective dedicated private proxies, you can manage your online activities and avoid online accounts from being red flagged for using public proxies. By assigning dedicated proxies, making specific accounts for long term use is also possible.

Purchasing proxy, whether be it dedicated private proxy or semi-dedicated proxy, two elements need to be considered, your needs and of course your budget. Semi-dedicated proxies are usually shared among groups making them cost less than dedicated private proxies.  For me, dedicated private proxies are better and are more advisable to have. Higher in price, yes, but you will enjoy extra helpful features these proxies offer.

Unlike semi dedicated private proxies, security is not guaranteed. You will also experience slow connections for these proxies are shared among users. Whereas, choosing dedicated private proxies, it will give you ease of usage and great accessibility. It is hassle free in terms or reliability and information security.

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